Data Breach Repair Kits Are Now Available

It seems that too often lately we are learning about incidents in which private information has fallen into the wrong hands due to a data or security breach. And research has shown that a victim of a breach is four times more likely to become a victim of identity theft.

Because of the recent reports showing an increase in data breaches, we’ve received many requests for assistance from victims whose information has been exposed. Victims ask us what they should do first: Should they change account information or request new credit or debit cards? What about a compromised social security number or computer accounts that have been hacked? Data breaches unfortunately can cover a wide range of identifying information and it’s difficult for victims to find everything they need in one location to guide them step-by-step through their response.

For these reasons, we are now offering our ME ID BREACH REPAIR KIT©.

The BREACH REPAIR KIT© provides assistance to data breach victims based on our experience over years of helping identity theft victims. The kit gives detailed information about steps to take across a wide range of breach situations. Users of the kit quickly and easily learn the answers to questions like:

  • Why isn’t free credit monitoring enough to protect me from the most frequent types of identity theft?
  • Why are fraud alerts not always adequate?
  • How can thieves still use your debit card after you’ve changed your PIN?
  • Which banks and credit card companies will contact me by email and which won’t?

Our kit can save you hours that you might otherwise spend surfing the internet for piecemeal information or making phone calls only to be referred to yet another agency or organization. And the answers you need are all in one place!

The ME ID BREACH REPAIR KIT© combines detailed instructions and important contact information in one easy-to-follow kit. There are no guarantees that a hacker can be stopped from using your information once they have obtained it, but your quick and thorough response when you first learn about a breach can help decrease the chance of becoming a victim of identity theft. And, if you learn that you have become a victim of identity theft because of the breach, we will credit the cost of your ME ID BREACH REPAIR KIT© toward the cost of our ME ID HELP KIT© for identity theft victims.

The ME ID BREACH REPAIR KIT© can be purchased for $19.95 by following the link below. We are happy to answer any questions you may have – call us at 1-855-463-4343.

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