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January 28, 2014
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For Victims

Whether it’s credit card fraud, income tax fraud or using a business or organization’s name fraudulently, Maine has seen more than its share of identity theft. Clearing your name can be a frustrating and time-consuming process unless you know who to contact and what information to provide. Read More >

For Police

We provide training and information for Maine police so that identity theft response and the jurisdictional aspects of this crime are clear. When and how should police proceed with an investigation? Read More >

About Us

Maine Identity Services, LLC was formed to help identity theft victims in Maine. We can help you – our staff is experienced in helping hundreds of Mainers and in working with local police to assist identity theft victims. We understand what victims need to do and how (and when) they need to act. Read More >

Maine Identity Services, LLC is a Maine company providing:
• Assistance for Victims
• Identity Theft Information and Response Training for Police
• Community Education and Speakers for Meetings


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